Visual Studio Subscription Enterprise Agreement

By October 13, 2021 Uncategorized

Retail: For subscriptions purchased through the Microsoft Store, sign in to the Enterprise Software section of the Microsoft Store and scroll down the Visual Studio section to view available subscriptions. Be sure to select the renewal subscription level and activate it here: Compare the benefits to choose the right subscription for your developers. GitHub Enterprise is managed by a GitHub administrator separately from Visual Studio subscriptions. If your company has created a GitHub Enterprise account, you will receive an email from GitHub informing you that your Visual Studio subscription has been connected and that the benefit tile is updated as shown below. Creating this account may take some time and depends on whether your company has completed the creation process. After receiving the email, you can contact the GitHub organizer administrator to request an invitation to their organization and/or repo. A: No, these prepaid funds are not eligible to purchase Visual Studio Cloud subscriptions. If you select an Azure subscription created for your EA to purchase Visual Studio cloud subscriptions, the charges will be displayed on your next overage invoice. Typically, this is done monthly, but due to historical rules for some EA customers, an overage invoice may not be issued for several months.

Contact a licensing specialist for your EA if you want to know how many additional purchases (purchases not eligible for Azure Monetary Commitment funds) trigger an overage invoice. Be sure to compare the benefits and prices of cloud subscriptions to understand the benefits of each Visual Studio subscription, with comparisons between cloud and standard Visual Studio subscriptions, details about subscriber benefits, and much more. If you are assigned a Visual Studio subscription with GitHub Enterprise, you will receive an email informing you that your Visual Studio subscription administrator has assigned you a subscription. At this point, you can view the subscription benefits available under This includes the GitHub Enterprise benefit, as shown below. A: With GitHub Enterprise, you get all the benefits of a default Visual Studio subscription, including software downloads, cloud services, technical support, and partner benefits, just like for the separate purchase of the subscription….