Traffic Agreement Deutsch

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3. The transport facilities referred to in the first sentence of paragraph 1 are listed in Annex 4. Road users may not drive or circulate on road areas characterised by transport infrastructure (Annex 4, points 1 to 7). 5. The body responsible for road construction and road maintenance is required to procure, install, maintain, operate, illuminate and remove road signs and transport infrastructure; Otherwise, the owner of the road is obliged to do so. The same applies to the lighting of pedestrian crossings ordered by the road authority. 5. They must clearly and in good time indicate their intention to enter or move on the road using their direction indicators. The symbol 205 can be installed in places where clarification is needed.

2a. If a queue has formed on a roadway for one direction of traffic and it has stopped or is moving at low speed in the left lane, vehicles can pass this right snake with slightly higher speed and care. (3) Additional signs are also road signs. Additional signs show black symbols, drawings or legends formulated on a white background with a black edge, unless otherwise indicated. They are mounted directly, usually under the sign to which they refer. 1.