This Agreement Witnesseth

By October 11, 2021 Uncategorized

And who knows where it would lead. Why did I register it? The force of habit, most of the time. Eventually, I learned to draw by copying this horrible thing until it became second nature. Also, like almost everyone else, I`m a victim of passive conception syndrome: all my contracts look like this and a change would take far too long. But we are in a much more efficient era. Our goal is to do things with a minimum of nonsense. In this way, we save time, save money, we are more competitive and reduce our risks. You`re counting on me to know what I`m doing. The stakes are high.

And in fact, I`m telling you that I know what I`m doing, even though I included this in the contract, in front and in the middle. I ask you to ignore it, as I ignored it while I was immortalizing it. But who are we kidding? I`m a cop-dough monkey. Witnesseth is just the tip of the iceberg….