Tcode Sales Scheduling Agreement

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You can search for the search term or the name used in the customer`s basic data. To stay specific to your search, enter the corresponding distribution organization, so that only neat customers in your distribution organization are displayed. If you decide to find the customer with the last name, enter the customer`s first name with * before and after the name. This is called the search for substitutes. Call this agreement in your sales order (with reference) and use it. As a delivery plan is a legal document, the system prompts you to enter the validity data: Note: You can provide only 20 hours on the 12th and 13th. 20 3, although the customer order is 40 coins Press the key to display the head details in the delivery plan: Use the button to view the header details I need detailed steps to set up the launch contracts. and also when they need to use the doc type lz and lzm .. pls guide me his very urgent You can see sold-to part and Ship-to Party fields at the top left on the screen. A salary-to-party can have multiple parts of Ship-to. If a sold portion is associated with multiple delivery parts, a dialog box is displayed in the delivery plan screen. You must select the appropriate shipping part to which the customer has ordered you to ship the products.

Press F4 or the key in the Sold to Party field to search for your relevant sold. LZ – Delivery plan with delivery plans, they receive delivery plans (as often as possible via IDOCs, but also manually in the VA32 transaction); the forecast plan is planned for long-term planning, the JIT calendar for concrete delivery dates and times; The delivery schedule can be established by you on the basis of the forecast plan and according to your customizing parameters. You can create a drop shipping from the LZ agreement. This is because delivery plans require the assignment of classification. Select the appropriate position and press the key in the post section of the delivery plan: Click the Details button for a position Select two dates in the defined period, for example.B. on 12:01:2005 20 volume and another 20 on 13:01:2005 (the quantity must match that of the customer`s order). LP delivery plan (with release and without permission) LZS – delivery plans for self-billing, are similar to LZ, but you can`t charge them…