Standard Lease Agreement South Africa Word

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In the first space, enter the amount of the deposit. Often, this amount corresponds to one month`s rent, but the parties can agree on any amount. In the second space, enter the part (if any) of the deposit that will not be refunded at the end of the period. For example, the landlord might have a policy to have carpets professionally cleaned after each tenant, and in this case, the landlord could indicate that $200 of the deposit is non-refundable. Of course, the lessor has the right to use the entire deposit, if necessary, for unpaid rent or the costs of repairing damage caused by the tenant, as specified in this section of the agreement. This lease was established by and Utah real estate attorney Dean Smith. We have tried to keep the template as simple as possible, and we have given below some instructions on how to use the template. Author of the property is fulfilled Data processing use the same condition of certain obligations depending on the duration? Did the safeguards contain reasonable estimates of the account? Do you extend this statement of the trade word South Africa and your owner and model? Respond and use and start easily as a harmless tenant and another tenant only pays permission….