Agreement With Petrol Pump

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Terms of Use Terms of Use These “Terms of Use” are written and published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3(1) of the InformationStechnologie (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011, which require the publication of the rules and regulations, privacy policy and terms of use of a website. These Terms of Use (the “Agreement”) govern the use of this site (the “Agreement”). The owner and operator of the website are [ANB Fuels Private Limited], a limited liability company registered under the provisions of the [Indian] Companies Act 2013 and established at [#2124 Prestige Parkview, Whitefield Road, Bangalore -66]. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING THE SERVICES, as these Terms of Use govern by you the access and/or use of the services provided by MyPetrolpump. Anyone who uses the website is approached there as a “user” or simply as “you”. Users` access to and use of the services provided by this site (the “Services”) constitutes users` consent to be subject to these Terms. By using this site, the user accepts these conditions and designates MyPetrolpump as a representative acting on his behalf in order to obtain HSD and Motor Spirit (the “Product”) and transport it to a place chosen by the user, then bring it to a container or other place, which is advised by the user. MyPetrolpump declares this, and the user accepts and agrees that MyPetrolpump is not an oil/oil marketing company (or its representative/related company/subsidiary, or in any way in connection with an oil company or oil marketing company operating in India or elsewhere in the world) and MyPetroltrolmp does not endorse any oil marketing company or oil company operating in India or the world. MyPetrolpump provides logistics services to its users only through (i) procurement; (ii) transport; and iii) delivery of the product to a location specified by the user, as described in detail in Section II Services. When providing the service offered by MyPetrolpump, MyPetrolpump is a user agent to find the product based on accessibility and distance from the final delivery point and transport the product purchased on behalf of the user to a place where users choose the product purchased on behalf of the user and transfer it to a container of users. MyPetrolpump is not satisfied with an unauthorized exchange, an unauthorized sale, an unauthorized purchase or a fault.

The agreement / contract has been specifically concluded between two parties, the user and MyPetrolpump, at the initiative and at the request of the user, the user understanding and acknowledging that all exclusions, conditions and conditions of use, including all information mentioned or implied in this document, are not negotiable, and that the user acknowledges and accepts that the user has contacted MyPetrolpump with the intention of using the services of MyPetrolpump, committing to act independently, without constraint or constraint, or to cancel the constraint. If the user does not accept these conditions, the user may not access and/or use the site and/or services. These conditions expressly replace any prior or other or other agreements that may exist between the user and MyPetrolpump. Notwithstanding this, MyPetrolpump may terminate these terms or services at any time, or refuse or deny a user the offer or access to the services or any part thereof….