Vehicle Sale Agreement Karachi

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a: Against payment of the (sum) that the seller hereately confirms, sells and transfers the vehicle (s): The sales/transfer file is printed on a 200Rs/200Rs stamp document accompanied by Rs certificates. 300/- The scan order form authorizes a person to retrieve the vehicle documents at the end, so you will receive a photocopy of the buyer`s CNIC as an image embedded on the scan order form (if the buyer is the same person who retrieves the vehicle documents). The total cost is 550 Rs. Drive with the vehicle to the car control office at the rear of the civic center. The terrain is accessible by the rear lane and can be difficult to find, so ask for directions, if necessary. Fill out the cover page of the T.O. form and put the following documents in a file before entering the connection (a file is needed as it is in the following phases): Go to the M.R. Wing in the mezzanine of the Excise – Taxation, Motor Registration Office with the full file. Have your documents checked by having a tax officer sign the T.O. form (the ETO office is the room with the wooden door in front of the window of the counter with an alphabetical series of your license plate).

After receiving the signature on the back of the T.O. form, fill out the sales email and scan form and connect to the queue in front of the window in front of the counter window that carries an alphabetical series of your license plate. Send the file with the car book, T.O. form, sales file and scan form to the official at the counter. Submit transfer fees (1000/- for 970cc vehicle) and scan fees (Rs. 150/-). Get the entry where the time and date of the file collection are indicated. (Note: The information about transfer fees on the site: is false and misleading). IN WITNESS from whom the parties signed this agreement on the day and year first written above 4-That the buyer receives transfer the vehicle in question on his behalf as quickly as possible and has to bear all the costs you have made for the car sales receipt after you have sold your car? If so, you have adapted a firm and fair approach that can help you sink into precarious situations in the future. Sometimes the buyer who bought your car did not transfer the car to his name, and in the event of an unwanted incident, you are faced with minor lags that are not at all welcome. Enter directly into the connection and send the file with the T.O. form to the officer.

After reviewing the documents, they send an official to inspect the vehicle. After checking the license plate and engine details, it fills the top half of the T.O. rear.