Bbtr Trust Agreement

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We only process the necessary data. We guarantee this with the utmost care in order to protect you from any potential abuse. What is needed may vary depending on the specific scope of our mandate. BBT Treuhand AG generally does not deal with specific categories of personal data, unless the data is required for a pre-contract or contractual agreement. When processing data under a contract/contract, we act according to our customers` instructions and legal obligations. Any pre-contract data is deleted immediately if the contract is not concluded. Contract data is retained until the contract is concluded and for a longer period of time, in order to fulfill contractual or legal obligations, as well as any similar guarantees or obligations. An evaluation in this context takes place every 5 years. She trusts her intuition and always follows her heart and gives a space of trust and security. It is important for them to also feel the joy of everything we do. Without this data, we are generally not able to establish or maintain a customer relationship. We may be dealing with data that is not collected directly by you, but, for example, by third parties, from sources that are publicly available or from others involved. As a general rule, the data is processed at your request for representation and is necessary, in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, point b, of the RGPD, for the aforementioned purposes (contract performance or pre-contract measures) in order to properly execute the mandate and to ensure reciprocal obligations arising from the client relationship.

In addition, your data is processed for the fulfillment of legal obligations (s. 6 by. 1 bed.c RGPD) or for reasons of public interest (s. 6 al. 1 bed. e RGPD) in particular for compliance with legal and regulatory obligations (para. B example, data protection law, data protection law, wealth management law, vigilance, anti-money laundering and prevention of market abuse, tax laws and agreements). As a customer or as a person concerned who guarantees compliance with fiduciary secrecy, you have legitimate information about your personal data. In particular, you have the right to be informed of their purpose, personal data categories, categories of data recipients, expected storage time, right to correct, portability of data (as long as this does not require a disproportionate effort), the origin of your data (if the data does not come from you) and the use of automated decision-making, including profiling. You have the right to revoke at any time any consent to the use of your personal data.

Sheldon agrees, too, because it makes him so happy that he can process the contract. (“Oh, baby, that`s overtime!” is exactly the phrase he uses, I think.) It also contains a very special surprise, adding to the agreement: 25 percent of its share of profits goes to a separate scholarship fund for Howards and Bernadette`s first child, because Sheldon thinks education is more important than money. Sheldon adds, “The fact that you needed a written guarantee of respect made me realize how reluctant I were to your interventions.” Remember when Raj had selective mutism and couldn`t even talk to women? This would have served him well in this case, because he talks too much and Claire (who is again without friends) talks about his dilemma with Emily.